Artists, eccentrics, activists, young families — all have come to this boisterous neighborhood and put down roots. To this day, Bernal Heights retains its funkiness along with its modernity, making it the best San Francisco neighborhood for those wishing to look backwards, forward, and straight ahead all at once.


This neighborhood is diverse in every way, from the makeup of its residents to the dizzying variety of architectural styles and living options available. Bernal has something for everyone, be it urban farmers looking to grow crops in their backyard, or farm-to-table enthusiasts gleefully browsing the Alemany Farmers’ Market on the weekend.


Sometimes it seems like Bernal Heights is one big farmer’s market, with locals strolling contentedly down Cortland Avenue calling each other by name. The neighborhood is committed to supporting its families, a fact driven home each fall at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center’s “Fiesta on the Hill”. Sure, Bernal Heights has its chic restaurants and its grizzled neighborhood taverns, but above all else it’s about the people.


Bernal Heights Park is one of the best unknown secret vistas in the city! From the highest point in this park, you can enjoy panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, downtown, and San Bruno Mountain. There are great hiking trails and it is a mecca for dogs where they can enjoy frolicking off-leash!


The architecture in Bernal Heights is a mix of styles, ranging from traditional Victorian and Edwardian homes to more modern, minimalist designs. Many of the homes are brightly painted in bold colors, giving the neighborhood a lively, cheerful feel.


Locals sing the praises of “The Hill,” with its winding streets, many parks, and the drop-dead gorgeous views from the top of Bernal. You’ll love finding peace among the wild greenery on the east slope and trying in vain to keep the culinary joy that is Little Nepal a secret from outsiders. For many of its proud residents, there’s nothing not to fall in love with.