Nob Hill provides a clear portal to the past, to a time when a few families ruled the west’s newest and most exciting city. It’s changed plenty over the years, yet it still symbolizes San Francisco as a shining city full of promise, and as a sepia-toned one proud of its glorious past.


For some, this is the only neighborhood in town. From its high-rise, high-end towers to the urban serenity of Huntington Park, Nob Hill is the epitome of old-world elegance. It’s a lively, diverse neighborhood with all manner of residents, dozens of restaurants of all types, a growing retail scene and proximity to almost everything in San Francisco’s core.


The lifestyle is one of convenience and sophistication. The neighborhood offers easy access to some of the best that San Francisco has to offer, and is a popular destination for those who value a high-end lifestyle.


Fans of San Francisco history will appreciate a multitude of historic sites, while the neighborhood’s condensed geography offers residents the opportunity to go out without ever taking an Uber.


Nob Hill is characterized by its grand, ornate buildings, many of which date back to the early 20th Century. One of the defining features of the neighborhood is its steep hills, which provide sweeping views of the city and the San Francisco Bay. The streets are lined with elegant mansions, luxury hotels, and upscale shops and restaurants. The architecture of Nob Hill is a mix of styles, including Beaux-Arts, Victorian, and Art Deco, giving the neighborhood a distinctive character and charm.


Those who live atop Nob Hill enjoy a much quieter lifestyle than those who choose to be near busy Polk Street, where dinner and drinks are just a short stroll away. Further west and south, the neighborhood changes: the high-rises are replaced with mid-rise apartment and condo buildings and the restaurant, shop, bar, and club choices seem to multiply by the thousands. However, it still has its share of neighborhood mom-and-pop establishments, but the growing nightlife scene has made it a must-see for the young and active.